Is there Life after Death?

Is there life after death, who really knows?

Do we pass through dark tunnels where eternal light glows?

If I’m not really bad, is there a half-way place
Or will I be ashes in some resting place 

Is there really a heaven and really a hell?

Will it be eternal fire or where all is well

One religion says yes and another says no,

When I breathe my last breath, where I will go?

How can I know which way is right?

When everyone claims to walk in some light

Is there only one truth that sets men free

Can I have peace about where I will be?

Shall I trust my soul to those who are dead

Or have faith in One who is risen, instead

Who created the world and gave me breath

Who speaks the truth about life after death?

The answer comes in a servant’s form

From heaven to earth on a Christmas morn

To a cross, which seemed a tragedy

To an empty tomb shouting victory

His risen life has now become mine

The joy I have will pass beyond time

Through faith in Christ I know I’ll be

Alive  - both for time and eternity.

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