On Forgiveness

To forgive or not to forgive!

Like a sharp sword your words pierced my soul

Like a hammer your look brought a crushing blow

No words can describe the deep anguish within

My tears fail to show the Heartbreak of sin

Like a late summer flower whose fragrance is gone

Though once a fresh spring, my heart’s now a stone

The barrenness of winter has come for a day

Fruitless and stagnant is where I will stay

Should I forgive or shall I remain cold?

Is bitterness and anger the way to grow old?

Enslaved to my thoughts, a captive I’ll be

Or is there a way for me to be free?

I see on the cross a pitiless form

Beaten, despised, His holy flesh torn

Blood on his brow, spit on his face

Unjustly and cruelly he hangs in my place

Their words call for hatred, anger, and more

His words do not seek to settle a score

He is the Christ and speaks what is true

Father, forgive - they know not what they do.

Christ has forgiven and so must I

No matter how hurt, yet still I must try

I must forgive others, as He forgives me

That like him in mercy and grace I might be.

A choice we all have in how we’ll grow old

Hearts like fresh springs or hearts that are cold

Late summer flowers or the fragrance of spring

The barrenness of winter or new life we bring


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