“Awakened, but not Woke”

‘Woke’ is an deceptive, upside down word. It suggests that one has emerged from sleep and slumber to engage a new understanding of the world. Once you are woke, you begin to see things that you never saw before and things that un-woke people do not see. Supposedly, when you are woke, you have a clear understanding of who the oppressed and oppressors are. When you are woke you now understand that Christianity blinds people from seeing the real cause of human problems.
Wokeness is a divisive illusion, based on applying the class-struggle of Marxism to race, gender, economics, religion (especially Christianity), etc. Wokeism is sleepwalking. You think you are woke, but you are still in a death-like sleep. Wokeism is a fantasy, make-believe Disney World.

The Bible’s answer for Wokeism is, “Awake sleepers. Arise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.” When Jesus brings you out of spiritual death and darkness, He gives you new eyes and light to see the world, as God sees it, not as neo-Marxism sees it. Only God’s Word is “a light unto our path and a lamp unto our feet,” as we walk by faith in a confused and corrupt world.