A Month of Shame, not Pride; Mourning not Celebration

The White House proclamation on June as ‘gay pride month’ is a call to mourning, prayer, and an increased counter proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Philippians 3 warns followers of Christ about the destructive end of those “whose god is their appetite and whose glory is their shame.” The White House proclamation is a proclamation of what is sinful, shameful, and blatant rebellion against God. Because we love the LGBTQ+ community, we mourn for them, we pray for them, we call them to repentance and deliverance through faith in Jesus Christ. We pray for the repentance or removal of those who lead any nation down a path of immorality and rebellion against the Triune God, the only Creator and Redeemer.

The most loving thing we can do is to humbly repent of our own sin, proclaim the law of God which exposes and condemns sin, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ which alone offers grace, mercy, eternal life and transformation.

Read the deplorable and shameful proclamation: https://tinyurl.com/2es73kkr

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