All ‘Faiths’ are Not Equal

Does it really matter what you believe about God?

All ‘faiths’ are not equal. All ‘faiths’ have an equal right to exist, but not all ‘faiths’ are equal, and not all ‘faiths’ are true. And, if they are not true, they are a lie. There I said it!!

Immediately someone will respond and say that I am a bigot for making that statement, but I think even they know I am simply saying what is obvious to all thinking people.  Yes, the modern depraved mind seeks to escape the dilemma of deciding which ‘faith’ is true by redefining truth as “true to me” or “true to you” or “culturally formed truth.” But again, in most other areas, the thinking person realizes how silly it is to speak of truth as something that is purely relative. If it is ‘true to me’ without regard to any correspondence to reality, then it is really an illusion.  Illusions may at times be comfortable but eventually a disconnect from reality leads to danger.

Is it really safe to build your life and destiny on something that is simply ‘true to you’? If it’s ‘true to you’, but not true to the God ‘who is truth’, can it really be true at all?

I know that is it not politically correct to say another’s belief is wrong or that one belief system is better than another. But, neither is it intellectually honest or spiritually safe to say that truth only exists in one’s mind or it really doesn’t matter what you believe.

Why does it matter? I suppose that other ‘faiths’ have answers to that question, but as a Christian here is my response to that question.

  • Since there is only one true God, if we worship anyone or anything else, we dishonor Him.
  • Since the true God has revealed himself as a Trinity (Father-Son-Spirit), if we worship a God who is non-Trinity, we worship an idol, a false god.
  • Since this Triune God (Trinity) is our Creator, if we do not worship Him, we rebel against the One to whom our very life belongs.
  • Since this God has revealed Himself and His will in creation, history and especially the Holy Bible, if we do not obey Him, we then live as rebels.
  • Since this God has planned and accomplished the one way of redemption in Jesus Christ, if we do not submit to Him, we will remain on a path that leads to destruction.
  • Since this God’s love is so great that His Son, Jesus, would take on human flesh to receive our punishment and die the death that rebels deserve, if we do not trust him, then we will receive punishment and die the death that we deserve.
  • Since Jesus is the Son of God, who died, rose again from the dead, lives today, and is coming again to judge and rule the world, if we do not submit to Him as Lord, then we will face Him one day as an enemy, not as a friend.
  • Since the one True God offers forgiveness and eternal life as a free gift of His grace to those who submit to Jesus by faith, if we try by any human or religious means to earn God’s favor, we insult Him and forfeit any possibility of knowing God’s forgiveness and having eternal life.

Now, none of the above matters, if it is not true. But since Jesus rose again from the dead, He is affirmed as the one who is ‘the truth.’

30 The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent, 31 because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.” (Acts 17)

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