The Gospel in Genesis 22 and in the City

Abraham’s faith that God would bless the nations through his offspring is now tested. Isaac, the son through whom the promise will be fulfilled, has become for Abraham the visible evidence of that promise. The underlying question of Genesis 22 is this:  Is Abraham’s faith still dependent on the Word of God or is it now placed in the physical presence of Isaac? Is Abraham walking by faith or is he walking by sight?

Abraham is ordered to offer the son of promise as a sacrifice. Abraham, in obedience to the God who called him and believing that God would resurrect the son of promise, takes his son to the mountain top and lays him on the altar of sacrifice.  God prevents Abraham from slaying Isaac and graciously supplies a substitute sacrifice.

The promise of numerous descendants and blessing to the nations is confirmed again to Abraham.

Abraham models the faith of all true followers of Christ. He believed that God could raise the dead. Continue reading “The Gospel in Genesis 22 and in the City”