The Transcendent Joy of the Gospel

The beginning of the First Epistle of Peter assures us that though we live as exiles of the dispesion, we have been granted a new identity in Christ.  In Jesus Christ, we have been granted a new identity that defines us and helps us to live faithfully. A fruit of that identity is that we become a people of a living hope, not despair -our identity thrives in knowing the value and certainty of what we possess in Christ. But not only do we have a living hope as a fruit of our identity, we have a transcendent joy.

1 Peter 1:6-9 talks about that Transcendent Joy – one that is experienced in this world but that is not dependent on this world – it comes from God the Father, on the basis of the work of Christ, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit in your life. Continue reading “The Transcendent Joy of the Gospel”

The ‘Christian’ Burning of the Koran and the Islamic Response

On  March 20, 2011  Pastor Terry Jones held a mock trial in which the Koran was judged and after which a copy of the Koran was burned. Two weeks later an angry group of Moslems stormed the United Nations compound in Mazar–e-sharif and brutally murdered 12 innocent people.  Both Pasrtor Jones and the Moslems of Mazar-e-sharif are religious. The Moslems went to Friday prayer and then murdered 12 innocent people in the name of Allah.  Pastor Jones believed he pleased God in the burning of the Koran. Both are mistaken. Continue reading “The ‘Christian’ Burning of the Koran and the Islamic Response”